What We’ve Done

Collaboration to create unique events.

  • Murder Mystery Shows for an immersive experience through an old mansion.

  • Holiday Show with familiar, and less familiar, songs for a great dinner and a show.

  • Theater shows in the fringe of society.  Odd spaces, cool performances

  • Experiential nightlife to enhance your night out.

  • We have made your nights better by adding ART.

  • Not your traditional night out

What They’ve Said:

This show is everything I want, funny, quirky, whimsical, musical, poignant, touching, surprising, moving, and utterly heartbreaking. -Cherry and Spoon

All the action and environments are suggested by the winning cast in one of the sweetest shows so far in the Fringe. -Rohan Preston. Pioneer Press

As someone who (willingly) sees a ton of theater, it’s always a treat to see something that pushes the boundaries of what theater can do and be, as this show does. [It’s] a unique experience and one that regular theater-goes like myself can enjoy as much as people who would never step foot inside a theater. It’s a fun place to go and hang out with friends and strangers, and oh by the way, there’s “art” happening all around you!- Jill Schafer about Cabarave #sexuality with Rathaus Productions

From the opening lines to its closing moments, Failure: A Love Story had me under its spell. – Matthew Everett- TC Daily Planet