In Development: A Food Event Way Beyond Your Expectations:

  • You come to have an experience you have never had. A completely unique experience

  • You enter a non-traditional space for an evening of food and performances

  • You walk around and are swept up by the plot, talent, performances all around you.

  • You eat amazing food prepared by an executive chef while experiencing the world.

  • You leave wanting to come back.  Knowing that there is more to see, hear, and eat. You want to bring your friends, to have this amazing experience with them

What We’ve Done

Collaboration to create unique events.

  • Theater shows in the fringe of society.  Odd spaces, cool performances

  • Experiential nightlife to enhance your night out.

  • We have made your nights better by adding ART.

  • Not your traditional night out

What They’ve Said:

This show is everything I want, funny, quirky, whimsical, musical, poignant, touching, surprising, moving, and utterly heartbreaking. -Cherry and Spoon

All the action and environments are suggested by the winning cast in one of the sweetest shows so far in the Fringe. -Rohan Preston. Pioneer Press

As someone who (willingly) sees a ton of theater, it’s always a treat to see something that pushes the boundaries of what theater can do and be, as this show does. [It’s] a unique experience and one that regular theater-goes like myself can enjoy as much as people who would never step foot inside a theater. It’s a fun place to go and hang out with friends and strangers, and oh by the way, there’s “art” happening all around you!- Jill Schafer about Cabarave #sexuality with Rathaus Productions

From the opening lines to its closing moments, Failure: A Love Story had me under its spell. – Matthew Everett- TC Daily Planet