Custom Entertainment to Fit Your Needs:

  • Listening to you and brainstorming together, we will create the best possible entertainment solution for your event

  • Relying on our extensive connections with local and national talent, we will build your event with quality entertainers

  • Developing the appropriate themes, scripts, music and choreography is our specialty and will assure that your dynamic event meets your needs and exceeds your expectations

  • Writing skits and songs, finding songs and performers, and rehearsing everything will create a performance that fits your needs. We will take care of it all

Provide Connected Art for your event:

  • Brilliant Fête connects your theme and needs with Art

  • Your event will be more than just entertaining, it will drive home the message that you are seeking

  • By working with highly creative and intelligent people, we create the most entertaining event

Elevate your event to the next level:

  • Art will help you develop a deeper relationship with your clients or customers.

  • This night stands out for your clients. It is an event they will not forget


Provide an Interesting, Thought Provoking, and Fun Event:

  • By listening, we cater to your needs and messaging for your event

  • Providing the most amazing art to help you raise money and awareness

Produce, Direct, and/or Creative Direct –Whatever You Need to Create an Amazing Event:

  • Brilliant Fête knows entertainment

  • By living in the art community, we know the top talent and theatrical techniques

  • Brilliant Fête has the connections and knowledge to take responsibility for the event, and lighten the load for your staff

Give your donor base a thoughtful and direct connection to you:

  • Making your donors think more in depth about your organization will deepen their connection

  • Your donors will feel very appreciated

What We’ve Done:

Benefits, Galas, Conventions, and more.  You name the need, we will provide.

At Brilliant Fête we cater to you:

  • We have brought in singers nationally and regionally

  • We have written scripts for short skits with a company’s message

  • We have found bands, aerialists, unique performers

  • We have used existing written material and formatted it for events

  • We have created 2 minute shows to 45 minute shows

What we do for clients:

  • Listen to needs and desires for the event

  • Create the show with music, speaking, acts.

  • Find all of the talent

  • Rehearse all elements of the show, while listening to your feedback

  • Are onsite day of the event for logistics with the show/talent

What They’ve Said:

We needed money to bring awareness to this campaign, but we had no idea how to host a benefit.  Josh guided us and was in control the entire time.  He asked for help from all of his contacts and started putting together this wonderful night.– Heather Martens, Protect MN

Josh has built a reputation of high-quality, interesting work. -Denise Prosek. Theatre Latte Da

Josh was an awesome host and MC extraordinaire at the Associations North 60th Celebration. He had great ideas and suggestions to enhance the program and event, we couldn’t be happier. -Sarah Rusek, Associations North